QR Code Best Practices

QR codes have become the most popular way to connect the real world with digital media. While
it’s easy to make a QR code, they're only as effective as your execution. Here’s our step-by-step 
guide to optimizing your Flowcode for engagement.

Send your audience anywhere

With Flowcode QR Codes, you Instantly and magically connect your audience to your digital universe.

Send your QR code scanners to your website, social accounts, videos, or any digital destination you can imagine.  

  • userSocial accounts
  • your-websiteYour website
  • Videos & audioVideos & audio
  • PDFsPDFs
  • App StoreApp store
  • Text or EmailText or email
Learn how to update where your code redirects scanners HERE!
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Business card
Floor stickers
Circle Stickers

Print and display your 

QR codes that are printed and properly displayed get 
30% more scans!

To help you get started we've made free and customizable templates for table tents, posters, flyers, business cards, and more. We also have water-resistant stickers available in our Print Store!

If you have a printer, you can download your code, add 
to your own materials, and print from the comfort of your home.

Add a "call to action"

People will be more likely to scan your code if you tell them exactly what they can expect from doing so. This can be accomplished by placing a call-to-action next to the code.

There are many calls-to-action that could work effectively with QR codes, such as: “Scan this Flowcode to ‘watch video’, ’see menu’, ‘like us on Facebook, ‘request information’, ‘call our Help Line’, ‘download the app’, ‘place an order.”

Set and update

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Connect to everyone

Connect to everything,
not just one link!

Your QR code is being scanned by a phone, so make sure that the post-scan experience works on a mobile device.

The easiest way to share all your digital content in one place is to create a free FLOWPAGE, our mobile link sharing landing page. This mobile-first page lets you host all your links in one place and only takes 60 seconds to set up!

Share social accounts and contact information, feature your latest video, or collect contact info from your scanners.

Test your code


Test your QR code on multiple device types to ensure there aren’t any issues. Here are some simple rules to follow:

Never alter your code, as QR codes can be sensitive.

We recommend that you download your code and use as is. Make sure your code is at least 1 inch wide.

Don’t stretch your code.

Feel free to make your code as large or small as you'd like, but stretching your code can negatively impact scanability.

scan here
Download Code

Customize your design

Design your Flowcode to match your brand

Custom designed QR codes are eye-catching, and typically get higher engagement. You can customize your Flowcode by:

  • Adding your logo to the center of your code.
  • Choosing colors that complement each other.
  • Flowcode Pro members get an artist-designed code created by our designers specifically for you! 

Place your code in plain sight

Ensure that your code is easy for people to scan.

Try hanging your QR on a window or wall the same height as a mirror. For table tents, keep them centered and easily accessible.

CLICK HERE for more helpful tips about placing your Flowcode where people are looking.

Place your code

Understand audience

Measure your campaign's success with Flowcode's free analytics dashboard. 
Flowcode helps you measure engagement by showing you who is scanning by device type and when.

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